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Product's Certificate
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint

  Sound Insulation Jacket for Machines
expansion joint, expansion-jointImprove Acoustics With Sound Insulation Jacket
expansion joint, expansion-jointOur sound insulation jacket are designed to reduce echo or reverberation
expansion joint, expansion-jointwithin a space.
expansion joint, expansion-jointThese materials will help to improve machine’s noise clarity and sound
expansion joint, expansion-jointquality creating a more comfortable and productive environment.

Expansion joint

expansion joint, expansion-jointSettings that benefit from sound absorbing products include:
expansion joint, expansion-joint- generator room
expansion joint, expansion-joint- transmission-box area
expansion joint, expansion-joint- blowers section
expansion joint, expansion-joint- power plant area
expansion joint, expansion-joint- heater equipments
expansion joint, expansion-joint- cement sieving pot
expansion joint, expansion-joint- all other noise sources

expansion joint, expansion-jointIf you believe your factory requires the use of sound absorbing materials
expansion joint, expansion-jointfor better acoustics, call us. We will help you analyze the problem and
expansion joint, expansion-jointdetermine the right product to solve your sound dilemma.

expansion joint, expansion-jointNewtech Insulation offers complete, design, engineering, and production
expansion joint, expansion-jointcapabilities of sound reduction for specialty acoustical /soundproofing
expansion joint, expansion-jointmaterials. Our Company has successfully developed materials for several
expansion joint, expansion-jointindustries including cement producer, paper craft, petrochemical production,
expansion joint, expansion-jointautomotive business, computer parts assembly, and so on.

Expansion joint

expansion joint, expansion-jointOur Sound Insulation Jacket (SIJ) can be fabricate to suit any customers’
expansion joint, expansion-jointinquiries i.e. thickness, temperature, sound level, design, budget, and
expansion joint, expansion-jointmaterials. Normally, it can reduce sound and heat to 1/3 level. For instance,
expansion joint, expansion-jointbefore jacketed the machine has 115 dbA and 120 C surface temperature,
expansion joint, expansion-jointand after jacketed the machine has just 69 dbA and 37 C surface temperature.

Expansion joint

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