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Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint

  Newtech Insulation

Expansion joint

#Newtech Insulation is a distributor and fabricator of fireproof blankets, welding curtains,
#heatproof pads, removable-thermal-insulation jackets, fabric expansion joints, thermal sleeve,
#high-temp bellows, polyester-air-slide fabric, and filter bags.
#Our high-quality products are fabricated and marketed through nationwide and
#worldwide customers. We do understand that saving energy through efficient
#insulation systems not only provides significant cost savings, but also has
#a positive impact on the environment.
#We are dedicated to supply our customers with the right insulation products that
#cover the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.
#Whether your project requires mechanical insulation products, thermal or
#acoustical insulation systems, we can provide all the products, accessories and
#supplies needed to get the job done right — think of
#“Energy-Saving Insulation” , think of “Newtech Insulation”.

Expansion joint

#Our advanced materials include :
#Fiberglass cloth – for using at high temperature between 250-850 C
#Silica cloth – for outstanding heat resistant between 900-1200 C
#Aluminum foil impregnated with glass cloth – for sewing heat reflexive gloves
#Teflon laminated on glass cloth – for fabricating high-grade expansion joints
#Fiberglass needled punching mat – for thermal insulation jacket (removable)
#Carbon cloth 3K, 6K, 12K – using in automotive and other out-door products
#Air slide polyester – using in cement plants and chemical industry
#Fireproof blankets all sizes and shapes for welding works
#Removable insulation jackets (available from 0.25” - 8.00” of thickness)
#Expansion joints from glass cloth, rubber, Teflon, polyester, and leather
#Thermal insulation sets – all kinds, every budget
#Pipe covering for heated pipes between 100-1800 C
#Filter bags for all kinds of industries from polyester, Nomex, fiberglass, etc.
#General information about fireproof blanket from our materials:
#There are several kinds of materials to fabricate fireproof blanket from
#different fibers, chemicals, and production process. However, fireproof blanket
#that we are selling are fabricated from
#1. Fiberglass Fabric – it can stand for general high temperature, let’s say
#between 250-850 degree Celsius. They are available in white, black, yellow, and gray.
#Pros > inexpensive, easy fabricating, and high-temperature working
#Cons > its filament makes irritating
#2. Silica Fabric – developed from glass fabric, the silica cloth is also white in
#general and became yellow once it was vermiculated. Silica fabric is manufactured
#from continuous filament amorphous silica fibers. It offers high temperature stability
#and flexibility giving it the highest level of protection from personnel from molten
#metal splash, sparks and radiant heat sources.
#Pros > low thermal conductivity “K” and high temp – up to 1250 Celsius
#Cons > its price is a little more expensive than fiberglass cloth
#3. Nomex Fabric – it is a registered trademark of meta-aramid material which was
#researched and developed by “Dupont” in 1970. It is certainly used for flame-retardant
#and heat-resistant applications such as firefighting suits, high-speed racing suits,
#fighting-jet suits, and much more. Besides its light weight that is a significant property
#for many industries, it can also stand for 250 Celsius continuous temperature in usage.
#Pros > light weight and doesn’t make itching
#Cons > considerable expensive material with limited suppliers worldwide

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