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Product's Certificate
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint

  Expansion Joint
expansion joint, expansion-joint
expansion joint, expansion-jointExpansion joint and flexible ducts are essential equipments for almost every factory that
expansion joint, expansion-jointconsume energy by generating heat power. Our fabric expansion joint are preferred in
expansion joint, expansion-jointplant and equipment engineering involving gaseous media and hot air at high temperatures,
expansion joint, expansion-jointe.g. hot airor flue gas. They are resistant to acid or alkaline gases and remain
expansion joint, expansion-jointstable under high or low pressure.
We skillfully fabricate all fabric expansion joints that function
vibration and noise damping
motion and expansion compensation
compensation for imprecise assembly
wide range of prices and materials for customers
any shapes, square or circle, to fit with your facilities
service temperature between 80-800 Celsius

expansion joint, expansion-joint

Fabric Expansion Joints
Fabric expansion joints are widely used in a variety of applications and industries,
especially for power generation, pulp and paper, co-generation, ship building, ID and
FD fans, ductwork, stacks, bag houses, precipitators, flue gas and other low pressure
ducting applications.
Non-metallic expansion joints are designed not only for relieving stress due to thermal
conditions, but to eliminate transmission of vibrations caused by fans and other equipment
in ducting systems. Fabric expansion joint can be produced in various configurations to meet
virtually any application requirements and operating conditions.
Product design conditions include low temperature corrosive environments associated with
desulfurization processes at power generating utilities to high temperature pplications
involving gas turbine exhaust and refractory lined ducting for petrochemical and industrial
processes. Gas seal materials include Fluoroplastic, Fluoroalastomer and a variety of synthetic
rubber materials designed for the specific service environment.
Newtech Insulation provides fabric expansion joints with a unique combination of sandwiched
layers of synthetic cloth, impregnated with different compounds.
The layers include PTFE film; a material insert to chemical attack. The layers act together to
insulate and contain high temperatures without causing damage to the joint, and are designed
for continuous service at temperatures up to 700 C, and 1000 C with refractory lining.
Our fabric expansion joints are versatile and can be used to absorb a number of movements
separately or in combinations. These movements are axial, lateral, angular and torsional.
Also, the joint is so highly flexible it offers minimal resistance to associated pipe work.
The flexible construction of the joints makes it an ideal solution for noise and
vibration absorption.
Experts for expansion joint from Newtech Insulation are available for field inspection and
evaluation services, complete field installation, temporary joint repair and splicing, and
other inquiries by customers’ demand.

Expansion joints by materials
Rubber Expansion Joint > synthetic rubber in black and gray
Fabric Expansion Joint > fiberglass with silicone and PTFE coated
Bellow Expansion Joint > fabricated from both fiberglass and synthetic rubber

Expansion joint

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