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Product's Certificate
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint

expansion joint, expansion-jointWe supply fiberglass fabric in various configurations and constructions from three basic
expansion joint, expansion-jointweave patterns: plain, leno, and satin. Fiberglass fabric from us is sold in rolls ranging in
expansion joint, expansion-jointlength from 25 yards to 100 meters. We also provide special glass cloth upon customer’s
expansion joint, expansion-jointrequirement. Beside fiberglass fabric, we have fiberglass tape, sleeve, pad, and other forms.

expansion joint, expansion-jointNewtech Insulation with Fiberglass Fabric
expansion joint, expansion-joint Insulation – Our fiberglass cloth for insulation applications is utilized in removable
expansion joint, expansion-jointthermal insulation jackets and fixed flange over jackets.
expansion joint, expansion-joint High Temperature Joints – We also fabricated high-temp expansion joints with various
expansion joint, expansion-jointkinds of fiberglass cloth include silicone rubber and PTFE coated.
expansion joint, expansion-joint Fireproof BlanketFiberglass fabric is the most preferable materials using in fire blanket
expansion joint, expansion-jointindustry. Its cheap price, durability, and efficiency make it more popular to resist heat
expansion joint, expansion-jointor flame.
expansion joint, expansion-joint Other Applications – Used for Welding Protection, Insulation, Gasketing, Heat Shields
expansion joint, expansion-jointand Containment, Oven Door Seals, Emergency Fire Blanket, Tadpole Tape and
expansion joint, expansion-jointMachinery, Personnel Protection, Safety Clothing and more.

Expansion joint

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