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Product's Certificate
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint
Certificate, expansion joint, expansion-joint

# Cause of damaged and worn of expansion joint in the factory
#In general, expansion joint will be originally installed into the blower or system by designers
#or producers before transferring the machines and equipments to users or factories.
#Working life of most expansion joint by average are between 5-12 years, but it also
#depends on types of machine and kinds of industry they’re implemented.
#Some flexible or expansion joints – include bellow joints – can be used as long as the users
#expected or even longer; it because of appropriately selected raw materials to fabricate
#them by system providers (designer or engineer) that have long and hands-on experience to
#handling the system components i.e. maximum temperature, working temperature,
#safety controlling, limitation of components and so forth. All these factors encourage usability
#and durability of installed expansion joint.
#After years, most of expansion joint that has been heavily used is warn and useless; it’s time
#to find a new one as its replacement. In this stage, problem will not be encountered with if the
#users can find new expansion joint made with the same materials or equivalent one; otherwise,
#they will waste production time, installing and removing of defective replacements. Of course,
#it’s not wise to purchase a poor quality of expansion joint at the cheap price to eventually
#damage your runtime production.
#Cause to run out your lifetime expansion joint:
#1. Unskillful staff or users that wrongly controlling or handling heating temperature of
#machine and blower
#2. Disregards or damaged machine and blower that are carelessly for preventive maintenance
#3. Unbalanced supporting or stands of the machine and blower
#4. Inappropriate raw materials for fabricating expansion joint
#5. Incautiously install or uninstall of the expansion joint by subcontractors or manpower
#These major cause can be harmful for expansion joint and other flexible joints in the
#production, and you can see that most of them happened by errors of users instead
#of system or equipments you might think before. Consequently, wise selection of
#expansion joint makers can also be avoided these headache problem in your factory
#and production line.
#Copyright 2015 – Newtech Insulation.

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